University of Michigan-Dearborn


University of Michigan-Dearborn is a comprehensive university offering undergraduate and masters degrees in arts and sciences, education, engineering and computer science, and management.





HMD currently oversees one student group on campus:  Jewish Student Organization (JSO)


Jewish Student Organization sponsors:


Campus-wide events


•Social Activities

•Holiday Celebrations

•Israel Advocacy



UM-D programs include:

•Hamantashen Happy Hour

•Pizza Party Meet-N-Greet

•History of Hip-Hop

•Taglit - Birthright Israel Recruitment Day

•Mid-Summer BBQ 


UMD students participate in community-wide events sponsored by Hillel of Metro Detroit.


HMD staff is on campus on a part-time basis.  For more information, contact Neil Cantor @ or 313-577-3459.









Vision/Voice Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Since 1981 the University of Michigan-Dearborn pioneered the Vision/ Voice Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive that transcribes the accounts of hundreds of Holocaust survivors. The archive was intended to preserve the testimonies and records of the survivors without dramatization in a dignified and respectful manner. This collection is available in the Mardigian Library.

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